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(Noob) Required reading:

  • Rules - to tell you what is acceptable
  • disclaimer - important disclaimer wich allows me to do what i wish
  • rules for building - tells you how to build in an acceptable way
  • news - tells you about what has went on
  • reports - tells you how to report stuff to people
  • /go - tells you how to go around the server in style


the go/bookmark system was originally designed to allow people to teleport quickly. but now it serves as a replacement for the deprecated “server” travelnet. here is a list of destinaitions and descriptions.

destination name description
rh riverhouse a house built on the river, for noobs to expand on.
dams hydroelectric power plant a set of dams to climb on and swim in.
cloud cloudtickler cloud tickler
hub travelnet hub travelnet main hub
dung converted dungeon the admin's home - a converted dungeon.
fl fast lowlands noob area - fast lowalands
sl slow lowlands noob area - slow lowlands
mgaf mcgregor artifcal forest a nice forest to lul and stroll in - mgaf
wb world border a station at the end of the wbx, right next to the world border.
mill millitary base an open base and nuclear bunker, given by courtesy of the army.
main main station the short platform for the main station
main2 main station-long the long platform for the main station
spawn spawn spawn, above ground.
am anarchy mountains an insane place
pv polite valley
a-z cache all these are admin bookmarks, and are a cache.
ams anarchy mountain station main station for aarchy mountains
pvs polite valley station huge station for the polite valley.
neom NEOM NEOM administrative area

there are bookmarks of the a-z (for admin use). Most letters are free for taking. These are destinations that are of no use to players. Some are two-letter, but are still admin use, as they are for maintenance and not leisure. Only ones that are used are taken. And they are to be given out alphabetically, despite the old ones not being given out alphabetically.

Letter Status Place
a taken NEOM-spawn mainline bottom of slope at NEOM station
b taken Big block at NEOM station
c taken Big block at Spawn-NEOM Spawn terminus
d taken Spawn-NEOM Spawn terminus
e free
f free
g taken Volcano-2 station
h free
i free
j taken Analite railyard
l free
m free
n free
o free
p free
q taken Volcano-1 station
r free
s taken VE slope top
t taken VE junction (slope bottom)
u taken Sectuple track railway
v free
x free
y free
z free
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