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(Noob) Required reading:

  • Rules - to tell you what is acceptable
  • disclaimer - important disclaimer wich allows me to do what i wish
  • rules for building - tells you how to build in an acceptable way
  • news - tells you about what has went on
  • reports - tells you how to report stuff to people
  • /go - tells you how to go around the server in style

This page is essential for the wiki/server. Edits are disabled or met with extreme scrutiny. Be careful.

Building Ettiquéte

Building Requirements

When a player joins the server, they are required to follow these guidelines

  • Build with locally sourced materials. Find wood around your house. Chainsaw and replant. Mine stone from underneath you and use that for the walls.
  • Make sure to build neatly, with nice walls and consistent staircases
  • Build a form of transport to the house from the nearest town. You can start with a path, but as your house and base grows, you could build a cart track, and then a train station.
  • Build realistically. Make pillars where needed. Everything needs to survive gravity.
  • When building a structure at water level, you must build channels to allow water to flow (given that it blocks 80% of the horizontal width of the water area), and give space for boats to pass.
  • If you are building across clear water, ensure it is more than 4 blocks high to allow boats.

Building Tips

When building, use these tips

  • The day/night cycle is tied to the real world time in the server's current timezone. As such, 12 hours of the day are in the dark. Ensure you have lighting, as it is more important then on other servers.
  • Place lots of signs.
  • Ensure you do not use even numbers, as having no block middle will bite you back.
  • Use the mapserver as an efficent way to survey your building site. it allows biome checks and water checks, but may not be as good for contours.
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