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(Noob) Required reading:

  • Rules - to tell you what is acceptable
  • disclaimer - important disclaimer wich allows me to do what i wish
  • rules for building - tells you how to build in an acceptable way
  • news - tells you about what has went on
  • reports - tells you how to report stuff to people
  • /go - tells you how to go around the server in style


The admin still suffers flashbacks for a time before the LF drama. He remembers a time of happiness and peace, before he lost it all.

This page is essential for the wiki/server. Edits are disabled or met with extreme scrutiny. Be careful.

this server has a few important rules you must follow. or you get punished in a way that the admins choose.

they are in no particular order. the numbers are just for id purposes.


these rules are very hard and are punishable by any admin-decided penalty.

  1. NO GREIFING (grieving about griefing is allowed, but not griefing about grieving)
  2. no trolling
  3. swearing is 100% allowed (but not slurs, including “gypsy” for Roma people)
  4. no begging for stuff or privs
  5. Always follow the decisions of mods or admins. Mod decisions are final, if you as a third party disapprove, write your disapproval via banAppeals
  6. Do not ask for personal information
  7. no peoplephobia.
  8. You are not alone on this server. Think of the other players.
  9. this is a british-owned server. follow British internet laws. (there are plans to migrate to Spain)
  10. Subway cars are banned here. they produce noises that remind 56i of the glory days of LF. don't corrupt these flashbacks. otherwise, you might be corrupted.

the following rules exist because of the “LF drama”. 56Independent is still salty.

  1. you can break these rules, but only if you accept the fact that you let 56independent do what he likes to your account on the server.
  2. Keep everything. Enable local map saving. Save all your wiki edits. Anything you do here can be destroyed or taken offline. Don't let yourself suffer at my hands.
  3. ok… you were banned. Ask me if you have queries. Use email. The address must be somewhere. If you aren't banned from the wiki
  4. the admins can do whatever they like. It's their server. 56Independent made the infrastructure himself. He reserves the right to do what he likes.
  5. ban evasion is disallowed. If it occurs, the admins will feel free to completely destroy your online life here, at 56i-server.
  6. this is entirely the admin’s business. You are guests, not tenants. I reserve the right to remove any guest from the house I built
  7. read an article on the UK and culture shock. realise how we are different, and fit in.
  8. curiosity is 100% allowed here. feel free to ask “why”. and don't feel spooked out if you find the admin monitoring you.

ettiquete/auxillary rules

like rules, but softer. but on a bad day, 56independent might go “this house needs to go”. follow them, or an admin may come and destroy you.

  1. polite, please
  2. build nicely and sweetly
  3. if you have a settlement in the middle of nowhere, make an automatic way of transport (excludes teleportation, like travelnets). what about a rail line?
  4. if you get banned, be polite about it.
  5. UK English is the language spoken here. you can speak whatever you like but remember: UK English.
  6. deathtraps? only in private property, and labelled clearly.
  7. cobbleboxes? fine, just don't cry if the admin removes them.
  8. when putting screenshots here, disable the HUD, chat, debug, and make it purely blocks this isn't because of LF's reason (“privacy”), this is because I want to see the buildings, not what chat is talking about (likely a coup against 56independent)
  9. take a chill culture here. be like Spain. there is no need to rush. just chill and relax.
  10. everything here goes the British way - irony, sarcasm, and left-side driving are the norm here. don't miss out on British values. Right hand driving is illegal but decriminalized.
  11. Tracks are for trains, not players. To be on tracks, use trains. Trains are dangerous, blind killing machines. it won't stop for you. they can and will kill you if you go on their territory. keep 5 nodes away from all tracks, even unused ones. stations and level crossings are the only exception.
  12. When asking a question, please follow these guidelines. But please, *please* don't ask the authors your question. They have no knowladge of my or Minetest's existence.
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