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(Noob) Required reading:

  • Rules - to tell you what is acceptable
  • disclaimer - important disclaimer wich allows me to do what i wish
  • rules for building - tells you how to build in an acceptable way
  • news - tells you about what has went on
  • reports - tells you how to report stuff to people
  • /go - tells you how to go around the server in style


Everything that goes on in our server must be recorded. ISO 8601, please.

For train related news following 2021-06-26, go to the [[news:advtrains|advtrains news page]].

Post 2021-06-26, there are hours on news items. Please refer to [[https://time.is/manchester|time.is]] to see the time in the admin's region, so you can add news items. These are essential for all news items and are in the syntax xx/yy, where x is the day, and y is the time (with leading zeros!)

If you have questions about what to record, refer to earlier news items for reference and if that does not answer your questions, ask the admin.

There is also a monthly podcast aggregating the news, available at [[podcast]].



  • 06/13 - Like a Pheonix, the NIE error raises from the ashes of broken interlocking, making the NEOM underground the first functioning line after the interlocking failure. Backups now occur at regular intervals.
  • 06/09 - The database files keep on emptying themselves due to advtrains errors, causing massive inconvenience.
  • 05/19 - The Lithium Fire Deluge System (LFDS) is made, giving 56i's sister's house peace of mind against fires.
  • 05/12 - The admin installs automatic backup every 12 hours, meaning that interlockign efforts now will be preserved.
  • 05/11 - The interlocking system is broken entirely, and keeps on deleting itself. The admin has no idea why.


  • 26/09 - Due to inconsistencies between the world's placment of TCBs and what Advtrains thinks it is, the server keeps on crashing. The rail network is put in a state of severe emergency, with only the NX1 working
  • 25/18 - The admin realises the advtrains database was deleted. He restored from an old backup, losing the Am metro and breaking the Re bypass.
  • 25/16 - The Russian flag in the fast lowlands is replaced with a Ukranian one in light of recent events
  • 18/12 - Admin releases new offshoots. It is hoped these attract players looking for fun to the server. Here they are:
    • runorfall
    • exile anarchy
    • luckydude
    • raining_nodes
    • snake
  • 17/19 - Cracks are found in the analite tunnel. A bypass for the IPR is built and the tunnel is flooded to stabilise the pressure.
  • 16/22 - Interlocking is now finished on the RR1, and service begins.
  • 16/18 - Pillar work, physical stations, and trackwork is now complete on RR1 and RR2, meaning only signage and interlocking is holding up the tracks.
  • 13/23 - Tracklaying for the RR1 and RR2 are now complete, and now only stations on the RR2 and supports on both are left to be built.
  • 13/08 - Construction begins on the Am Metro, and the two ring lines are quickly being built on supportless viaducts. Supports will be added later.
  • 12/23 - The admin traces the problems to pipeworks not being installed, and now the dependency problem is fully resolved. Signs are still broken somewhat. The server is now back online.
  • 12/20 - After many hours of constant Anxiety, Panic, and Fear, the admin can finally start the server. Some mods aren't loading, such as Advtrains, Pipeworks, and DLXtrains.
  • 12/10 - An extremely severe emergency is declared on the Minetest server due to ongoing problems. The future of the Minetest server is questioned.
  • 09/18 - <del>After the server was updated, snap stopped working, causing Minetest to be unable to start. The admin has since fixed the problem, but it may occur again on server restart. </del>
  • 05/21 - The admin declares with glee that all the physical viaducts for the Potemkin Sud project are now complete, and now it is time to make stations and interlocking.
  • 03/22 - The droproof mod is added, allowing players the unique ability to make dropped roofs in their buildings, hiding infrastructure.
  • 02/18 - The admin builds a tunnel connecting the first community-made transit infrastructure to their potemkin lines.
  • 01/21 - The physical infrastructure in terms of the viaduct and tracks lain on the Am-Tcity via Jj line are complete, interrupting another players southern path.


  • 27/12 - Warning signs are added to britsignals and now are included in Anarchy Mountains railway station, in light of noob's behavious
  • 26/23 - At 23:58, interlocking for the Potemkin Nord line is finally completed, using extreme-shortform names, composed of only a cardinal direction.
  • 26/18 - The long and hard process of interlocking the Potemkin Nord line has begun.
  • 26/12 - Tracklaying for Potemkin Nord is complete, allowing trains to take a 5 km journey to croxleigh junction. The admin realises he has just built a railway line of 5 km, the same length as the NEOM-Spawn mainline. He is suprised.
  • 24/14 - The admin releases some of the biggest train maps to be ever made into the server, and the biggest one is suspended above croxheigh.
  • 24/09 - Potemkin Nord lands in the site of croxheigh, and construction of the sextuple track begins. Cargo track will instead take a small siding to the west.
  • 23/10 - Potemkin Nord uses a system of viaducts and tunnels to cross a sophisticated area. The admin decides the rest of the potemkin lines will ne on viaducts and not follow ground level.
  • 22/14 - Following more pressure from climate groups, a line of tree saplings is placed near potemkin nord, and as per Network Rail reccomendation, 5 m away.
  • 22/10 - A new piece of sinage for railway crossing is made, with 4 banners saying “Stop. Look. Listen. #trainskill”, warning people of the dangers of trains.
  • 22/09 - Potemkin Nord cuts through an amazing biome, cutting down hundreds of tree blocks. This has made pro-climate groups angry, so the admin has decided to make a fir and sequoia plantation 100 m away from the line. The first station is planned.
  • 21/14 - The britsignals mod is enabled, which was built in the morning. This mod allows players to have more realistic tracks.
  • 20/12 - The potemkin north (potemkin nord) line is started, following the landscape naturally.
  • 16/16 - Due to storms affecting the UK, a powercut may occur and cause the server to go down.
  • 13/18 - The textures are changed for the 1 mg note to change it to a coin, an important change to reflect british currency. The 10 mg note is changed from a picture of GCPF to 56i with purple eyes. Plans for more 1 k currencies are in planning.
  • 13/16 - 56independent_s builds a tree farm, which he plants with digtrons.
  • 13/13 - The path connector is built just north of Nspawn, giving players a place to cross paths. This was built primarily for 56independent_s
  • 13/10 - A building materials shop in the SSD is built, and allows players to get materials for building.
  • 13/09 - The Technic shop in the SSD gets more expensive, as to prvent cheating in survival.
  • 12/17 - Trains in the IPR originally from the INV line are decommissioned.
  • 12/16 - The NX2 is finally decommisioned, ending a waste of space, freeing up tracks.
  • 12/15 - The first diverging section of [[infrastructure:advtrains:reyard|ReYard]] is complete. This railyard will be used for decommisioned trains.
  • 09/18 - To increase rolling stock on the IPR, the INV line is turned into the IPR.
  • 12/01 - The NEOM metro has freight-friendly additions, a ballon loop to lower the distance needed for SSD deliveries, and a non-turning track up at the station.
  • 11/18 - The IPR is expanded to NEOM.
  • 11/09 - 56i faces the beginning of exam week, a terrible endeavour.
  • 10/18 - The first train to go on the BMIE-Am connector is run, and now the IPR is extended to the analite mountains.
  • 09/17 - The first delivery by train occurs at the SSD. This includes digtron parts and fertiliser.
  • 09/07 - The NEOM-Spawn mainline begins to be removed, as nobody ever used that route.
  • 08/23 - The infrastructure to connect the BMIE to the anarchy mountains is built,and just needs interlocking.
  • 07/10 - Players study the maprender and find a potential city with tram tracks and flat ground to the southeastern part of the map.
  • 06/18 - The new [[infrastructure:maps|Multimap]] is complete, giving information on all infrastructure.
  • 05/20 - The BMIE railyard is completed, finishing the IFR. This railyard is more organic and is not a string of three sets of subsidaries.
  • 05/16 - The first linetrack line is built in the BMIE taking a smallbaot around a platform.
  • 05/14 - The NIE railyard is completed. Interlocking will be made on a first-come-first-served basis.
  • 05/08 - The [[proposals:ifr|Industrial Freight Railway]] finally begins construction.
  • 05/00 - The NEOM metro is finally complete, allowing passengers to travel between modules, and more iportantly, laying the infrastructure for new cargo tracks.
  • 04/17 - The BMIE platforms are built, providing 2*+ space to build, contributing to the economy. Provided below is space for boats and sufficent lighting, to ensure the area remains shipping-friendly.


  • 16/12 - The NEOM3-NEOM4 hike path is completed, allowing visitors to walk to the estate.
  • 15/17 - The site for the fourth NEOM module is discovered to be a natural wonder. It is being terraformed to make it badass.
  • 15/14 A viewing tower is built in Re to give visitors views of this vital transport interchange.
  • 15/13 - The Re exit gets an extra leg to improve efficency by not requiring traffic to merge.
  • 15/12 - IPR trains make a turn back at Re instead of spawn, using a railway bridge for the purpose
  • 14/20 - When expanding the Anarachy Mountains Cart System (AMCS), the admin is pleasantly suprised that there has been noob influence on the server. He discovers a nice house of Blockhead and weird pillars in the water, of “anonymous builder”.
  • 14/19 - The SSD Channels are built, massive half-flooded tunnels that help boats go through the mountains, connecting seas. This does have an effect on water salinity. * 01/00 - A commemorative display baord is built showing the word “new”. 2022 should be a better year.



  • 31/23 - Preperations for new year occur.
  • 26/14 - The SSD cancels its sophisticated digiline sorting system, and a boring manual system is used instead.
  • 26/12 - The [[news:asfs|Admin Surivival Fraud Scheme]] kicks off to a start.
  • 25/xx - Suprisingly, christmas is not celebrated on the server, due to the admin being on an excrutiantinly slow network
  • 19/14 - Riverhut station has been the first to include the [[infrastructure:advtrains:information_system|Information System]], and is currently a testing ground.
  • 18/19 - The hydroelectric power plant paths are finally linked, albeit in a slightly confusing way.
  • 18/18 - The [[human_areas:green_spot|Green Spot]] Water Facility is finished, using huge amounts of underground tunnels for logistics and water management. It has state-of-the-art experimental systems in it, like a wire hole for control of wires, and walkable tunnels, allowing maintanance workers to take care of the whole pipe and wire infrastructure. Next to it is a lot of NEOM infrastructure, penetrating the ground.
  • 18/15 - The NEOM Telemosaic network is complete after much pain, allowing people to cross athousand blocks in the blink of an eye. The long tunnels can also be used for fast flight and other things.
  • 18/12 - The server is waken from a long sleep


  • 20/21 - The hiking and cart infrastructure are now fully lit correctly.
  • 17/18 - A public viewing platform is built at the top of the statue in NEOM. This allows people to see the sunsets and parts of other modules from a high place.
  • 14/08 - Protective fencing is built around [[human_areas:neom:nspawn|NSpawn]] to protect those who visit from dying.
  • 13/19 - A minature statue of the admin is built in the SSD, mirroring the NEOM one
  • 13/09 - The base for the [[human_areas:neom:ssd|Survivalist Shopping District]] is constructed, and so is the industrial underground.
  • 12/17 - The huge mine under spawn becomes ore-only, a huge place where all stone is evacuated and you jump beween ores looking for your ideal ore.
  • 11/19 - On [[:offshoots:nml:start|NML]], the admin sees a Spanish player. They did not speak English, but the admin managed to get basic concepts across - they speak english, and know A1 spanish. The player left after a few minutes of likely frustrating gameplay.
  • 10/23 - In a display of extreme trust, the main server is kept online forever,just like other servers, helping the playerbase be free-er in terms of join time.
  • 10/21 - The port problem is resolved and all two offshoots are now forever online.
  • 09/19 - Two [[offshoots:start|Offshoots]] are added, giving th physical server 3 minetest servers to deal with.
  • 07/16 - Archeoligists discover compelling new evidence of an aincent civilization, the [[novelties:old_peoples|Old Peoples]].
  • 07/10 - The strength II CT-1-NEOM bypass is complete, giving players an oppertunity to fly across spawn to the HP3
  • 03/22 - The [[proposals:HSF|HSF]] takes a step forward with the admin committing to reading the Advtrains source code, as to understand what needs be done and how advtrains works together. HSF will take 1.5 times more effort then learning interlocking, he says.
  • 01/19 - [[cancelled_proposals:better_spawn|NSpawn]] is officially abandoned, an ugly, monotonous armpit of the server.
  • 01/14 - The second auditorium of [[human_areas:neom:start|NEOM]] is completed, allowing the admin to not only deliver orders or speeches but to put on stage events and musicals. It is opposite of the Train Station, making it a tiny walk to get there, and has good links to the HP3 and HP2.


  • 17/12 - The hydroelectric plant undergoes massive changes, converting to MV and providing electricity
  • 16/17 - The ''infrastructure:infrastructure'' namespace mess is finally solved
  • 16/16 - The spawnpoint of the server is set to the [[human_areas:anarchy_mountains|anarchy mountains]], allowing stress on places to build. [[cancelled_proposals:better_spawn|Nspawn]] is cancelled.
  • 16/15 - Maps of all infrastructure are placed where appropiate, meaning that players need not refer to the maps on the wiki.
  • 16/14 - The CT-1 is extended to the Slow Lowlands, making the first cross-city Strength IIV cart track.
  • 16/11 - The CT-1 is completed, with connections to the Strength II HP3 cart track and the existing strength I track.
  • 15/22 - The INV line (Short for Innovation) creates a direct link between NEOM and the Research station. This will allow commuters to directly visit two of the most innovative hubs in the world.
  • 15/21 - After tensions relax, a peace treaty is signed, ending the [[novelties:am-pv_c|polite valley-anarchy mountains conflict]], and removing wires from the [[buildings:dmz|DMZ]]. The DMZ is now a border and not an exclusion zone.
  • 15/20 - A [[infrastructure:cart_system|Cart]] line is added below the [[infrastructure:hiking|HP3]]. It complements the underground [[infrastructure:advtrains:spawn-neom|Spawn-NEOM mainline]].
  • 15/19 - The HP3 is completed, and allows the transport of hundreds of walkers to NEOM. A critical downside of this path is it's lack of rest facilities. This now leaves the only pillar required the cart system.
  • 10/13 - The [[infrastructure:cart_system|Cart System]] gets a wide reform across the server, making this historic system work again.
  • 10/12 - HP12 is completed, allowing transport to both the BMIE and Analite Mountains from Spawn. It is the first path to include a cart track for people to rush past.
  • 09/23 - A drought drains the Slow Lowlands, making a dry <del>wasteland</del> beach
  • 02/20 - During the construction of [[cancelled_proposals:better_spawn|Nspawn]], 56i realises how depressing and sad the council flats look, and is looking for things to build in-between.
  • 01/22 - The Library in [[human_areas:neom:start|NEOM]] is completed.
  • 01/20 - Since 56i is *really* busy with Year 11 and revision, expect little progress.


  • 11/11 - The [[novelties:RECPG|Russian-Spanish Creole Prservation Group (RECPG)]] is established to preseve this language.
  • 11/10 - The mtserver goes without a startup for a week, after the migration and loss of nspawn. 7
  • 06/18 - After much pain, the admin finally gets a grip on the [[news:server_migration|server migration]]. He plans that by 23:00, the old server will be taken away from the web, and a new server will take over from there.
  • 02/13 - A catastrophic admin blunder causes most of nspawn town square to be lost. he admin plans to restore from a backup, and rebuild most of what has been lost.
  • 01/16 - The HP2 main leg has been built, and now it is only for New Spawn to catch up and get ready for HP2.
  • 01/10 - A huge amount of trees needed to be cut down to prevent train crashes. The new guidelines are to plece them 5 m away from tracks.
  • 01/00 - A significant portion of the tracks have trees growing next to them. This is to absorb any carbon made from trains. However, critics say we could be suffocating our trees by taking too much carbon out. The admin says “heresay”.


  • 31/10 - All frames for shops are completed, and need only the top floors.
  • 31/00 - The first block of New Spawn is placed, and this communicates the development of [[cancelled_proposals:better_spawn|Better Spawn]] and [[human_areas:neom:start|NEOM]] simultaneously.
  • 28/19 - The admin realises that the underground realms mod is. In comparison to Hume2's “Underch”, it is much better. We keep default cobble, and there are crystals to collect. He decides that it should be configured to stay under -500, as default caves need a chance (despite it be default having the realms under -700, for unspecified reasons).
  • 28/15 - The construction of [[human_areas:tunnel_city|Tunnel City]] begins.
  • 28/00 - The Rhotator mod finally works now it's missing dependency is installed.
  • 27/13 - The server now has an IRC network added to it. However, services are not working.
  • 27/01 - A sidebar is installed to aid wiki navigation.
  • 26/23 - After some masterful fiddling, the admin manages to make y -20 and y -40 levels available for public viewing (mainly for tunnel specifics viewership). It is merely a matter of waiting for the map to render these layers before anyone can look.
  • 26/18 - The "Bridge Park“ in the [[human_areas:research_station|research station]] has begun construction, showing players (and the admin) how many interesting bridges can be built, with example uses integrating trains and hike paths.
  • 26/10 - The Slow Lowlands is degenerating into a series of stinking, rotting salt flats, experts say.
  • 26/01 - The Slow Lowlands begins losing water. This will make much more space available for building.
  • 25/22 - The Slow Lowlands finally gets its path infrastructure updated. With added handrails, Added paths, and ”not every exit is a junction“ innovation (where some exits are, it allows great walkability.
  • 25/21 - The HP11 is completed and the Spawn-SL makes the first finished [[infrastructure:hiking]] path (ignoring the finished HP1 to Research Station).
  • 25/20 - The slow lowlands are predicted to lose 2 m of water by 2021-09-01, experts say.
  • 25/18 - [[human_areas:neom:start|NEOM]] Administrative centre undergoes the construction of the admin house, the ordering room, and the train station.
  • 24/19 - Research Station has the [[infrastructure:hiking|HP1]] built to it, and the two ends need to be built towards their respective destinations. There is now free walking access.
  • 24/10 - The analite mountains are the first to receive motorway-style signage for paths. This spawns the [[guidelines:Sign_guide]].
  • 24/09 - The server is taken out of statis
  • 23/23 - DuckDNS is configured to become dynamic, meaning that within 1 hour of an IP change, the domain will be fixed and set to the now domain.


  • 17/18 - The server is officially declared to be in stasis mode following the admin's disinterest in minetest.
  • 10/14 - The admin changes to [[http://56i.duckdns.org]]. He is sick and tired of dynamic IPs.
  • 05/18 - The router changes the IP address to This will cause knock-on effects.
  • 04/14 - A huge amount (9) of mods are enabled, and the admin struggles with getting them to work. (sci_fi nodes, industrial walkways, beacons, spacesuit, easyvend, vacuum, particlefountain, telemosaic, mail)
  • 03/12 - The track width index is built in spawn, to educate those about track voids. {{ :track_index.png?200|}}
  • 01/19 - The server runs out of disk space. The admin removed unnecessary files and ended up getting 46 GB free. All the worlds take 15 GB, whilst the backups (inefficiently made) took close to 100 GB. Trash took 11 GB. Hopefully, this is enough space for the server to bloom. In the future, this problem will come back.
  • 01/16 - The admin turns down the number of volcanoes to one per 50 mapblocks, with a probability of 0.1. This is to make it take effort to find volcanoes. It is unclear if this will work if the volcanoes position is now permanently saved.
  • 01/06 - The statue path is built in spawn, with two statues to remember two months.


  • 29/17 - Using the floor tool, the admin tries to cover the top of a volcano with stone. He ends up covering a large part of the map. Cleanup is attempted with deleteblocks, and 90% of the stone is removed.
  • 28 - The admin begins thinking about the [[news:July_goals|July goals]].
  • 27/11 - A huge piece of land is discovered northwest of the [[human_areas:analite_mountains|analite mountains]] and becomes the site for the [[human_areas:bash-mayers_industrial_area|bash-mayers industrial area]].
  • 26 - The Admin begins looking for ways to capitalize the whole wiki. Any Help Is Much Appreciated.
  • 26 - damn! junction is rebuilt, making it no longer a junction, but a track pass point.
  • 25 - the [[finished_proposals:rebuspawn]] proposal is complete, and spawn has a wonderful new station.
  • 25 - following the [[news:mainline_redirection|mainline redirection]], the [[buildings:advtrains:cefn_coed_viaduct|cefn coed viaduct]] finally gets a train to run over it.
  • 25 - the [[infrastructure:advtrains:nx2|NX2]] finishes construction, and now there are regular services for noobs.
  • 24 - the citizens of the [[human_areas:analite_mountains|analite mountains]] rejoice, as interlocking has finished in the tunnel, and there are now regular trains services. the trains now run on the mainline, instead of being frozen.
  • 23 - citizens of the [[human_areas:slow_lowlands]] experience a 1 m drop in the water level, as the megadam turns the water into a lake. further sinking is to be expected if the admin does not substitute the lost water, either by draining a lake or giving controlled sea reflow. [[news:sl_1m_loss|read more!]]
  • 23 - an analysis of the mapserver finds that there is a river east of the [[human_areas:fast_lowlands|fast lowlands]]. this unearths the possibility of a hydroelectric powerplant.
  • 22 - the mapserver renders, but nothing south of [[human_areas:spawn]] is showing.
  • 19 - the [[infrastructure:advtrains_system|advtrains system]] is working again!
  • 13 - the server will celebrate a week of continuous uptime, at the [[human_areas:slow_lowlands | slow lowlands]]. the celebration details will be kept hidden. (the day is also 56i's age)
  • 12 - the WBX train finally arrives in the [[human_areas:slow_lowlands | slow lowlands]]. it returns to a transformed land, with huge skyscrapers dominating the landscape.
  • 12 - the old map.SQLite is declared as lost, and now, forget about the old buildings.
  • 11 - the server goes with option #4, and a lesson learnt - backup when you start and do not delay
  • 09-11 - the minetest server's map.SQLite is lost after a botched and mistaken migration to a USB drive. 56independent is trying to fix the problem, but it won't work. read more [[news:migration_failure|here]]
  • 07 - server online!!! yay!!! oh, wait… the network is super duper slow.
  • 06 - a wonderful new terminal is made at the [[human_areas:fast_lowlands|fast lowalands]], for long trains. then it corrupts and a station expansion is built instead.
  • 01 - news page is made, cloudtickler built,
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