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(Noob) Required reading:

  • Rules - to tell you what is acceptable
  • disclaimer - important disclaimer wich allows me to do what i wish
  • rules for building - tells you how to build in an acceptable way
  • news - tells you about what has went on
  • reports - tells you how to report stuff to people
  • /go - tells you how to go around the server in style


The server is ok to play on, but for best results, seek to stay as close to South Manchester as possible. The further you are, the worse your experience you will be (for example, French players often get by better then Canadian players)

This page is essential for the wiki/server. Edits are disabled or met with extreme scrutiny. Be careful.

This is the wiki for 56i-mtserver, a MINETEST server of few players.

If you are just beginning, please read the pages in the required reading, which are listed in the sidebar to the bottom-left of the page. Also, Noob Advice is worth a read.

The news is vital to the server and should be updated with what you and others have done to either improve infrastructure or took a lot of effort. The best example is the stuff which is already written.

The infrastructure of the server is very numerous, but travel infrastructure is confined to the Pillars of Transport (PoT), with some novel infrastructure being built to serve other places.

Our server is not just the main server, we have various experimental offshoots, viewable at offshoots.

Any page older then 3 months should be disregarded, especially if the most recent edit was a month ago,

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