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(Noob) Required reading:

  • Rules - to tell you what is acceptable
  • disclaimer - important disclaimer wich allows me to do what i wish
  • rules for building - tells you how to build in an acceptable way
  • news - tells you about what has went on
  • reports - tells you how to report stuff to people
  • /go - tells you how to go around the server in style

This proposal is currently cancelled and is extremely unlikely to be implemented into the server.

Better Spawn

The BetterSpawn project is a plan to make spawn better than the wreck it is. Spawn should be a place of noobs, a castle of sorts. As such, the BetterSpawn project will be used to make the server welcoming from the start.

The BeSp (BetterSpawn) team believe that a good spawn should have these elements:

  • Noob-friendly advice
  • Places to live
  • Places to setup and buy from shops
  • Good transport links to the rest of the server (above three train lines, a few hike paths, and a travelnet hub)
  • A short walk to the untamed wilderness,with a 100 block protected area, and then free building space

Now, this utopia is possible through a few ways:

Way Pros Cons
Raze spawn to the ground and rebuild Allows the transport links to be preserved Loss of the oldest buildings on the server (The bricks at spawn are the oldest blocks on the entire server!)
Build a spawn far far away Can be integrated into existing cities - a NEOM module can become the new spawn A lot of work initally
Improve spawn Keep old blocks whilst keeping transport links No improvement possible

The BeSp team hope to build spawn as a NEOM module. It will have these:

  • Grand station, with connection to NEOM subway and hike paths
  • Technic place
  • High walls for griefers
  • Arrows pointing to wilderness
  • Viewpoint
  • Arrows to pray towards the admin statue.

NEOM plan

The plan for NEOM is the one agreed upon. It is a plan to deprecate the “old spawn”, and make a new spawn.

It will be a small village, with houses atop rentable shops. The plan is to get players to buy valuable shopping space, in front of spawn.

In the centre, there will be concentric circles of blocks of high value. There will also be a glass wall, where players can read about the basics of the server, as well as recommended places. There is also an unprotected signboard, allowing advertisement on the server.

Each street will follow a cardinal direction, with various smaller offshoots. The further you get from spawn using streets, the cheaper shops become.

Surrounding spawn (which will have a strict limit in growth) is the HP2 ring road, with offshoots of varying strengths. Some are used to get away from spawn and build on mainly unoccupid space, whilst other offshoots are strong superhighways, allowing players to swallow the pill and walk from spawn to old spawn.

On the west, tall buildings give way to a large expanse of fields, which are plots on which players can build their first homes.

To the north and south lie uninterrupted wilderness, whilst to the east and west lie NEOM. There are huge

To the far west, more NEOM modules will be constructed. It will be built at -1000,20,5000, which appears to be the ugliest biome possible. It is unclear whether the ground will be flattened before construction.

Tram System

There is a rather quaint tram system. It is limited to 10 n/s. It is formed of many little straight lengths of track, which go across the town, every 2 tower blocks. There is a station every now and then, and it is meant to make the town sweeter. The lines are numbered using a logical system, showing how far each cardinal direction a line is, like e5, or n2. The interlocking is simplistic, and the system is mainly designed for making the town sweeter.


2021-08-31 The first tiles of Spawn are placed. It is found that the north/south shops will be one tile deep, whilst the ones to the east and west will be two tiles deep.

2021-09-01 Many houses are now finished, with need for internal furniture and other niceties. One street side has been trialled and is to be world edit copied. There will be no off streets, and a lot of space will be free. From the outside, a massive wall is planned, to hide all the free space. Here, there will bevarious admin stuff.

2021-10-02 The Admin's worldedit error deleted the entire place in early September (2021-09), so he decided to rebuild the entire town, but this time with commieblocks strewn about.

These commieblocks are the high-rise council housing found in the uk, made of harsh concrete, imported directly from Scarfolk. Iron is expensive, and Nspawn is in debt, so it could not go to the lengths of the Slow Lowlands.

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